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carson overstreet

Carson Overstreet hails from Bedford, Virginia and currently lives and paints in her studio in Richmond, Virginia.


Carson's large scale canvas acrylic paintings are in frequent rotation in magnolia and are sought after by collectors who love her softly colored impressionistic florals, landscapes, and abstracts plus pen and ink on paper sketches.


Whether her uninhibited brush strokes infuse her paintings with pops of intense color or subtle hues, they result in a stunning composition. 

The landscape of the South has become the centerpiece of Carson’s art. Carson expresses herself through experience and a sense of place.  Whether it be her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains, weeping willows and dogwoods blooming in springtime, the serpentine twists and turns of the James River, the marshes of the Carolinas or the tranquility of Virginia's Eastern shore, she is there. 

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