sandy lear

Asheville, North Carolina artist Sandy Lear brings color and movement to her large abstract canvas paintings.  One of magnolia's longtime featured artists in-store, Sandy is a collector's favorite. her, often large scale, canvases offer punches of color or muted serene tones for decor that can use a larger piece of art to serve as a focal point or backdrop.


     Sandy's artistic career began at an early age where she was immersed in the world of design, texture, pattern, and color when with family; her mother was an accomplished seamstress and two older sisters were both accomplished artists. She counts music as her other major artistic influence and has a master’s degree in vocal performance. 

SIZES OFFERED:       -- larger canvases, 24"                                           and up


COLORS FAVORED:  -- bright blues and pinks,

                                 -- monochromatic tones

                                 -- muted

MEDIA:                     -- acrylic on canvas